Strike A Pose

Strike A Pose is a fundraising party at Quarry organised by a collective of friends. Instead of selling tickets we collect donations on the door to support workers taking part in industrial action. At our last event in December, we raised over £500 for striking posties. For our 7th of April party we’ll do the same for another group of workers on strike.

The event itself is half variety show, half DJing and dancing. Up until 11 o’clock we have live music, storytelling, drag, poetry and movement acts, and from 11 onwards we all have a big dance together to house, disco, new wave and techno. We hope to create a space where having a group of friends all in the same room for the same reasons can be a kind of radical act.

In this radio show, we’ll play some of the music you can expect to hear at Strike A Pose whilst talking through some of the current struggles in different sectors. We hope to raise awareness of the strike wave and to encourage people to have conversations about being sound and getting involved in the workplace and beyond.