Stay Put

Regular hosts at some of Bristol’s most loved venues and long-standing Noods Radio residents, Stay Put are a collective founded and run by Balay, Sydney and Sam Bhok. They champion an eclectic sound of the richest rhythms on the dancefloors of Bristol and beyond.

The trio, all producers in their own right, now present their three track EP ‘STAYPUT001’, which showcases their individual sounds. The release exercises great versatility with a debut from Balay, flexing his production skills in his spacey breaksy electro cut ‘Fiver’.

After two successful releases on Black Acre, Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers alumni Sydney shows off his percussion-driven bass collage ‘Merry’s Pipe Shop’. Meanwhile, Worldwide FM DJ Sam Bhok delivers a funky stripped back house groove in ‘Lingon Jam’.

In this show Sydney takes the wheel, playing some rhythms that create nostalgia of the dance floor (which we all truly miss!)