Skin Teeth

At a time when pirate radio ruled the inner cities, when festivals shunned the innovative and when rave was a dirty word the ethos of Skin Teeth was born.

The brain child of Ned Woodman and named after a track on Noise Factory’s seminal 1992 E.P: The Fire, Skin Teeth conjours up images of disused warehouses, dilapidated tower blocks and the urban decay left by an unsustainable system.

Borrowing from much of dance music’s ever expanding themes and coupled with his own label; Torre, Skin Teeth’s aim is to produce future looking music rooted in the culture of their origins – Early Hardcore and Jungle. To try and capture the underground buzz of that early Rave explosion and the illicit and exciting feelings that drew him to dance music in the first place.

This isn’t just nostalgia. This is the future…