Sitka Sun

Since 2000, Patrick Murphy has performed as a bassist, guitarist, composer, vinyl selector, and soundsystem operator. With a diverse and versatile background in all things music, Murphy encompasses a sound that blends his thirst for roots music from around the globe, conservatory studies of classical & jazz, and inquiries into contemporary sounds that blur the acoustic and electronic realms.

With a lifelong career in the piano restoration trade, he has a keen interest in woodworking, acoustics and the intrinsic healing power of sound. At the intersection of a deep love of the reggae sound systems of Jamaica and the UK, led Murphy to build his first soundsystem, debuted at the end of 2019.

After years of being a sideman and DJ, Murphy began to hone in on a new, but classic, sound and formed his cosmic jazz ensemble Sitka Sun. Based in Oakland, California, their sophomore release is set for October 2020 with support from the Long Road Society record label.

For this edition, Patrick works through¬†afrobeat, jazz, and deep house. Becoming a new normal, this show was recorded during a time of extended isolation and separation from nightlife. He says for this show “I¬†had to play some party music as I miss the nightclubs”. A relatable feeling for many of us.