Silent Transmissions

Silent Transmissions is a late night platform concept for ambient electronica, experimental work and improvised musics.

The show will experiment with radio presentation formats, utilising sound design, and post-production to weave the curated music into one homogenous sonic experience with its own unique aesthetic.

Join Jake as he explores a selection of electro and techno music he’s come across within his journey of making music with modular synths. Listen out for bleep from Sheffield, tracks from advanced aquatic sea-dwellers, Buchla jams, trans-continental fusion of South East Asian and European club culture, music he discovered within Tresor and Kraftwerk in Berlin, new releases from Jake himself, and much more!

Hey folks, I’m really excited to bring you another Silent Transmissions show on Melodic Distraction. Join me this Sunday from 6pm as I explore ambient releases from the Asian diaspora, modular soundscapes, experimental turntablism, sounds of the 60’s re-visited in the present, and more. As always, this show is committed to a 50/50 gender split, ensuring a fair and proportionate representation of our creative electronic culture.