SheBeKeke & Werkha

We’re so excited to welcome Manchester based sp0ken-word artist SheBeKeke and electronic jazz fusion producer Werkha over to Liverpool following the release of a new album entitled Ephemera. Together they’ll be diving into the music from the album and looking around at the various influences that helped craft the body of work into what it is.  

Ephemera is an attempt to capture those fleeting moments that float away then form the female experience. Inspired by a collection of her poems, SheBeKeke has collaborated with producer, Tom Leah and riveting cellist and vocalist, Abel Selaocoe, to explore her shifting femininity. I Am Phem. The work will be accompanied by a digital zine titled I Am Phem via ISSUU. Griot City Records is a newly-formed independent Mancunian Record Label, championing the role of the poet as the lifeblood of society. It brings together spoken word and music for much-needed conversation.

For some background, SheBeKeke, aka Keisha Thompson, likes to turn her poems into songs. Her previous works, Moonwhile and Abecedarian, showcase a mixture poetry and sound. Not all words can live on the page. Someone called her sound “gospel folk” once but she isn’t too sure if she agrees. Over the years, SheBeKeke has supported artists such as Kate Tempest, The Last Poets, Saul Williams and OSHUN. Her work has been presented at high profile venues and platforms such as TateModern, Blue Dot Festival and Glastonbury’s Rum Shack Stage.

Co-host for the show, Werkha aka Tom Leah, is a Manchester based producer. A magician of funky electronica, Werkha’s bouncy beats have earned him recognition all over the country. Hailing from Manchester, this DJ and producer has released records incorporating jazz-influenced playfulness. Described as oozing with creative flair, vibrancy and musical craftsmanship, Werkha is guaranteed to get you dancing.

Sit back and enjoy the influences behind Keisha’s album and if you like it, buy it from the links below!