ROLLOVER with Backyard Balearic

Calling all the early rising weekend crew! We’re excited to introduce our new Saturday Breakfast Show; Rollover.

Rollover is our new weekend pick-me up. Roll over in bed, switch the radio on and be guided into your weekend by a whole host of global guests carefully curated by our very own Bolts & Josh Aitman.

Whether you’re still going from the night before, part of the early riser wake up crew or navigating a sore head that needs sorting, it’s the fix to all those in one. Heavy on the music and a good amount of chit chat. You know the deal.

This month Sparky has been digging deep across record stores and Bandcamp to unearth a fruitful haul of Balearic goodness to start your weekend off in a sweet sweet way. Also expect plenty of Euro pop records in a variety of continental languages x