Reel Long Overdub

We’re heading back out into the fields for our second festival broadcast of 2023. ¬†This time at We Out Here Festival.¬†

Welcoming hosts from Melodic Distraction, wider North West friends and family of both the station and Nam Sound System alongside a whole host of We Out Here guests, this is set to be a special set of broadcast.

This show is hosted by Reel Long Overdub who are the sister label and party of Leeds’ Brudenell Groove crew. Eschewing any particular style or sound, they have released an eclectic range of tracks from the likes of NikNak, billy2chips, Monophonik and DJ ojo. Jack and Oli are in charge of their Sunday slot at We Out Here, running some soothing and uplifting beats to help dancers glide through the final day of the festival.

Beaming live and direct from Dorset, tune into the sounds of the festival from wherever you are around the world.