Reedale Rise

Reedale Rise inhabits a world of electro, house and techno where emotional content is always key.

Reedale Rise’s debut vinyl release was a deep techno cut on Edinburgh based label Common Dreams in 2015. This was followed up by two well received EPs on Holland’s long standing bastion of electronic deepness, Frustrated Funk.

2018 brought a critically admired debut LP on Kondi Records and a Reedale Rise track appearing on one of the final Fabric CDs, mixed by Craig Richards. Other labels he’s released on include Boe Recordings, Where We Met, Emotions Electric, Childhood Intelligence, Assemble, Subwax Excursions, Propersound and Spaecial. Through these releases his varied production styles have been flexed whilst always retaining a clear identity centred around melodic, emotional sounds.

Before releasing any music Reedale Rise was a prolific Youtuber with a cult channel demonstrating his skills in the hardware studio. This meant purveying his own music as a live show was a natural progression. Reedale Rise’s live act now regularly touches down in clubs across the UK and Europe.

His teenage years were spent in Cornwall listening obsessively to techno and drum and bass mixes taped from the radio, with the likes of LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Dave Clarke and Jeff Mills being pivotal influences. 1998 was the year to leave sleepy Cornwall and head north to Liverpool for university and further musical education. Cutting his serious clubbing teeth at Liverpool’s Bugged Out! parties, led him deeper into the world of house and techno, with Derrick May and Carl Craig becoming ongoing inspirations.