Reactive Sound – World Radio Day Special

Reactive Sounds is a Manchester based radio show on Reform Radio, focused on the most cutting-edge electronic music from around the world. ‘Get Into Reactive Sounds’ is a brand-new documentary series that will serve as an introductory guide to a range of new music genres from across the globe.

The third show in this series will discuss the new wave of electronic artists from the Andean region of South America, who are harnessing the sounds of their environments with wide ranging club and dance music. With some of the most exciting artists in the world coming from the 7 countries on the continent, the hour-long show will bring you music and interviews with the scenes most prolific producers. 

Special guests for the show include Joaquin Cornejo, a producer and DJ from Quito in Ecuador and Chilean born, London based producer DJ Raff. Both artists recently toured the UK as part of a showcase from the label Earthly Measures.