The Ranga crew are live on the Melodic Distraction airwaves for a show filled with fun beats and spiritual selections.

Artist Oli / Ranga of the late Wide Open Reeds parties (RIP) holds the torch for a unique style and sound, featuring original productions and a soundtrack for the funny people that remain close to the cause of WIDE OPEN REAL LIQUID DANCE. Hisfour-track EP ‘Kong’, landed at the end of February ’20 on Third Place Records. Tune in for clues to the next release.

This month, Oli invites Radio Doom and Feazilla onto Ranga for two separate hours of the finest hip-hop. From the depths of the doom caves, Radio Doom began in a bedroom and went on to become a sound system, cultural community arts and music workshop project. Started by Dave Doom and Big George, Radio Doom went on toput on shows over the years with the likes of Frank Zappa, The Temptations and The Last Poets to name a few. Radio Doom still functions out of lofts and basements in the hands of Jim Boogie aka Jénome and other undercover operatives.

For the second hour, ex-pat of Liverpool Feazilla throws us rope from Manchester. Feaz, Micco and their affiliates were a key ingredient to the Boom Bap nights and general welcoming vibe at The Reeds (RIP). Tune in for his current take on beats, time and life.