Queensway Presents: Isabelle Mettle

Queensway is a community which platforms underrepresented artists in the electronic music industry across Merseyside.

It’s Queensway’s 10th show tonight and we have a very special guest taking the ropes. Isabelle Mettle a 20-year-old R&B / alternative singer-songwriter & producer from London, currently residing as a student in Liverpool. She can mainly be found mixing classic garage and house tracks, as well as some funky dubs and speed garage tunes; but is now expanding into the world of R&B, soul and hip-hop mixing. Daye Steel started DJing early this year, spinning at house parties and studios with mates; however she made her debut set at Monke Lamp’s ‘Back at the Jac’ a few months ago, with more boogie-inducing sets lined up over the upcoming months. Alongside her DJing, you can find her performing her Alternative R&B tunes with her live band ‘Sir Zebra’ as Isabelle Mettle (@isabellemettle) across the UK.