Queen & Disco

Queen & Disco began as a way for friends to share tracks and views on music. The main driving force behind it was that ‘genre’ didn’t matter; all that mattered was that you could get into it.

The Q&D sound blends all sorts, with the fact that ‘disco’ appears in the name often aligning expectations before the ears have heard the beat. There is no doubt that the edit scene has played a massive influence in the Q&D sound, however it is only 1 string to a bow of many. Expect disco, soulful, re-edits, house, boogie and a heavy helping of beatdown and worldwide music, but most of all be prepared to dance.

When they’re not DJing at clubs/festivals in and around Ireland, as well as running their own record label, they are regular faces at prestigious parties and festivals including the Liverpool Disco Festival. This year they also made their Suncébeat debut in Croatia. As LDF approaches, we welcome in the crew for an hour of boogying!