Poison Ivy

Manchester-based Poison Ivy explores sounds from all over the world, enjoys thinking outside the box and challenging the listener.

Originally from Ukraine, she believes it’s important for her to keep in touch with the incredible scene back in Eastern Europe. Getting in touch with her roots is what originally ignited her interest in DJing – “The day I discovered electro made by Ukrainian producers, was the day I knew I belonged in the scene and wanted to do my best to contribute to it”

Poison Ivy prioritises introducing people to music they may have never heard before and likes to push the boundaries, playing around with tempo and fresh beat patterns. Most of her club sets can be summed up as squelchy, powerful and with no BPM limit.

‘’In this show I am exploring deep industrial and broken bass, intertwined with a combination of intricate and powerful percussive sounds. Tracks taken from artists from all over the globe, all with the same vision – to create overwhelming sonic experiences that both uplift and shock you with sheer force.’’