Plant Lìfe

Plant Lìfe is a platform for artists and DJs to express themselves unrestricted by genre or expectation, with an emphasis on local and undiscovered talent. 

Plant Lìfe promotes inclusivity and safer spaces, focusing on the environment that surrounds you to provide an ecosystem that works for all. It’s your soothing antidote, a flop-on-a-beanbag kinda vibe; let your eyes absorb beautiful projections and let your ears be warmed by soothing ambience and biophonics. With previous events taking place in stunning settings such as Liverpool’s Unitarian Church and Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds, Plant Lìfe truly facilitates a retreat for the senses.

Here, the residents are joined by Freerotation regular and NTS host, Aboutface, ahead of their event together later in January. In the second hour, Plantlife favourite Mark Hand jumps in on the guest mix.

Escape the concrete jungle and immerse yourself in plantlife.