PLUSH x Cryptic RADIO 🌐
w/ the crewz 😎

Saturday night, sweet sweet delight 🥳 And it’s an active one this weekend, the firm, woo 🌞

We’re coming at ya from the past, broadcasting in the future, as Keep It Cryptic’s Day to Night party at The Bakery is kicking off, R!GHT NOW !?!?!?! And, it’s also Africa Oyé weekend, Oyééééé 😍

Popping off from the Garlic we’ve got an hour of PLUSH x Cryptic viiibez, as our two crews come together for super duper fun tiiimez 🎊

We’ll be telling yas all about the last P.L.U. DANCE, and how it changed EVERYTHING for us, why we’re now called PLUSH, and obviously be filling you in with the Keep It Cryptic goodness 💖