Open World Takeover

Breakneck blends from all 4 members of the Open World crew. Think everything hard, fast and nasty; acid,  hard techno, jungle, footwork and EDM blends of Green Day…

Open World is a Montréal open decks night organized by Remote Access, Mvcoko, Knapsack, and DJ Pacifier. The event is free and open to everyone – first-time DJs, seasoned pros, and anyone in-between; anyone and any music is welcome in Open World! Organizers are on-hand to help beginners get started or answer questions, and they always end the night with high-energy sets of their own.

The Open World universe has recently expanded via resource sharing platform Digital Hell in the form of free weekly DJ, Music Production, and Live Visuals tutorials held online. These events are organized by Remote Access and Also Cool Mag, and feature collaborations with the other Open World members.