One Tribe Takeover

Audio Farm, now known as ‘One Tribe Festival’, is a collective who’s free party roots were spawned in Wales. They later birthed wild parties and a club night in Manchester, before eventually evolving into the diverse, holistic, and forward thinking arts & music gathering.

It’s their passion and core ethos to provide a haven for anyone and everyone to express themselves through music, art and most importantly a sense of unity and community with like minded souls. One Tribe Festival is a non-profit organisation, where all profits go to the animal welfare charity ‘The Greenpaw Project’. The 5 day event also serves up only vegan food and drinks and continues to pursue Carbon Neutral goals.

The journey from the beginning has been over 11 years, and on this show their organisers and resident DJs will be playing tracks that have accompanied the soundtrack to those years. They’ll also include tunes from artists playing at this year’s 2020 edition of ‘One Tribe Festival’!