Volyk Artem (who for a significant period of his musical career performed as SELECTA) began his musical career in the early 2000s.

The young 14-year-old boy was fascinated by everything – writing music, DJing, and planning parties, which Artem took up actively. After entering the Kyiv scene with jungle, drum-n-bass, and garage music, the artist realized right away that he did not want to perform within any particular genre, so he chose to tell multiple genre stories in his sets right from the start. At that time, the Kyiv music scene was in the initial stages of its development, therefore, in order to have constant contact with the audience, it was often necessary to organize parties independently. So, in parallel with the growth of skills in writing music and DJing, the skills of organizing events grew. Artem understood the importance of the energy of foreign artists in the process of building the scene – that’s why he tried to bring current artists from the first events.

His active position and constant presence on the local scene led him to the next stage in his career – cooperation with the largest festival in Ukraine, Atlas Weekend, and the Atlas and Green Theater clubs. In cooperation that lasted more than 4 years, thanks to Artem, the capital of Ukraine was visited by a huge number of famous artists.. Artem itself actively performed during that period both at local venues (such as Atlas, Green Theater, Trace, The Most Open Air, Atlas Weekend, Cinema, Jugendhub, XLIB, OTEL’), and at festivals and parties in Germany, Belgium and Poland. At the same time, Artem discovered the symbiosis of music with the fashion industry and actively cooperated with the local fashion week and designers (as the author of soundtracks for catwalk shows, like organizer of after-party shows and sound designer of Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion days project).

Having completed cooperation with the above-mentioned projects, Artem started building his own and together with his partners founded a new musical formation and label – OBSKURA. During this period of his creative life, the artist focused on such areas as techno, breakbeat and house and changed his DJ nickname from the then popular SELECTA to his first and last name – Volyk Artem. As a techno artist, Artem performed at venues in Germany and Poland (with Obskura’s showcase), as well as at iconic venues in Kyiv – Closer, Otel’ and RiverPort, Keller. The active and dynamic development of the project was hindered by a pandemic and a full-scale war in the country, but the project has already managed to make itself known, gain the support of the audience and form a community. In the spring of 2022, Obskura became a digital label and started with charity collections in support of Ukraine.