Ostap Oleksyn is a truly interesting figure in the Ukrainian electronic music scene, known for his innovative approach to techno music. His journey in electronic music has been characterized by a relentless passion for his craft and a desire to push the boundaries of the genre. As the founder and owner of Basement Studio, he has not only perfected his craft, but also created a platform for artistic experimentation and sound exploration in Ukraine.

This mix is also special in that 15 tracks out of 18 are from talented Ukrainian producers, which once again proves Ostap’s commitment to promoting and developing the Ukrainian electronic scene.

One of the notable aspects of Ostap’s career is the tracks released on labels such as Krill Music, Pure Tool and Obskura. Showcasing the ability to transcend boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique combination of abstract forms, minimalism and complex polyrhythms. Although his music may seem simple at first glance, those who delve into it will have to discover deeper layers.

In addition to his contribution to the world of music, Ostap strives to create an active techno community in Ukraine. His upcoming project @ost.032 is a series of video podcasts that aims to connect Ukrainian techno artists with their international counterparts. This initiative not only highlights the abundance of talent in the Ukrainian techno scene, but also contributes to the growth and development of underground music culture.

Ostap Oleksyn’s commitment to innovation, creativity and community building makes him an important figure in electronic music, especially in the context of Ukraine’s thriving techno scene.