Noire Gayze

Welcome to the Noiregayze Show! On this show we will talk about all things black and GAY. This show is to support the black LGBTQIA+ community. We will have amazing guests and discuss trending topics in which we will be highlighting and amplifying their voices. We will also cover black people through fashion, TV, music and other amazing careers in the LGBTQIA+ communities

Kolade a young creative across many fields from acting dancing photography and more hosts the Noiregayze show, he’s also the owner and founder of noiregayze a platform that focuses on bringing black queer people to the forefront. Noiregayze does this through club night events, a magazine and also community outreach. Noiregayze seeks to amplify and celebrate black queer voices, experiences and passions. using this show to talk about all things black and queer, from pop culture and more.