No Show, Just Music

“I took my son to The Philharmonic when he was 5 and he said he didn’t like it as there was ‘no show, just music’. So that’s the name of the show – No Show, Just Music.”

Martin Mackarel was one of the original Eric’s kids, joining at 16 in his school uniform. From then, he was editor of Liverpool’s first post punk fanzine ‘Human Gladtidings’ in 1978, which was displayed last year at the Central Library punk rock exhibition.

Decades later, Martin sang with the Liverpool Philharmonic and City of London choir, performing in a variety of interesting places. He has also been on Liverpool community radio (although drew a complaint when he played a Patti Smith record with a swear word in it). More recently, Martin has been a regular on BBC Radio 6’s ‘The Chain’. 

He pops into the studio for a guest show following years of teaching in the UK, USA and China, where he acquired some interesting records.