Nirvana Principle Show: Psychology of Violence

Dr.Hassan Mallick is a UK-based Pakistani psychiatrist, DJ and electronic musician. He is a recently inducted member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He uses creative experiences and philanthropic projects to merge his dual passions for improving society and finding a place in the world.

Our guest for this episode is Dr.Gwen Adshead. She is a consultant forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist working in London. She has an exemplary career working with mentally ill offenders at the infamous Broadmoor hospital. She has recently published a book “The Devil You Know: stories of human cruelty and compassion” with Eileen Horne which invites readers into the therapy room with offenders. In the show we discuss socio-psychological concepts of violence, cinematic psychopaths, honour killings and the role of therapy in rehabilitation of offenders.