Nirvana Principle Show: Toils of the Mother

Dr. Hassan Mallick, a UK-based Pakistani psychiatrist and electronic musician merges his dual passions for music and mental health into a harmonious whole under the alias “Nirvana Principle”.

The Nirvana Principle Show creates a space to discuss psychological concepts and widen perspectives on mental health. Mallick draws his insights from his 7 years of experience as a medical professional, DJ and founder of an underground music label in Pakistan, Black Peach Project.

Our guests for this episode are Dr.Laura Bladon and Dr.Will Davis. They are “higher trainee” adult psychiatrists based in North West England. With mothers day around the corner we thought to share the darker and more difficult side of motherhood.. We discuss the mental health challenges new mothers face such as postnatal depression and psychosis, OCD as well as the mental benefits of breastfeeding.

*Trigger warning* This episode also contains discussion on suicide, miscarriage and harm to babies including infanticide. If these are difficult topics for you please check out one of our other episodes.