Nirvana Principle Show: Refugee Mental Health with Dr. Cornelilus Katona

Dr. Hassan Mallick, is a London-based psychiatrist, broadcaster and electronic musician. They use creative social awareness projects to upholds the ideals of social justice, equality and the right to live a life free from suffering.

We hope to serve our community and society through the Nirvana Principle Show: challenging misconceptions and stereotypes that exist about mental health and bringing about healthy discussions.

In the current, politically charged climate of xenophobia, fear and prejudice towards immigrants and asylum seekers we discuss refugee mental health with psychiatrist and professor Dr. Cornelilus Katona, who holds multiple accolades and roles including medial and research director at the Helen Bamber Foundation, a human rights charity. We use Dr. Katona’s experience and knowledge to understand the lingo of refugee mental health, the psychological effect of detainment on asylum seekers, and the vicarious suffering of doctors and professionals who care for this vulnerable group.

*Trigger Warning* We discuss difficult topics like torture, human trafficking and moral injury. If these are difficult topics for you please check out one of our other episodes.

Special thanks to Dr. Sheharyaar Azeem and Dr. Ali Manghi for their help with research for this episode.