Niki Kand

Singer, songwriter and producer Niki Kand studied fine arts her entire life, with music as her secret passion and an out-of-reach career for a quiet introvert. 

Growing up in Tehran, Niki was influenced by her parent’s love of western pop music. It was only after she moved to Kuala Lumpur that she was able to discover her own voice and express herself musically. After quickly learning to write music on the piano, she began the journey to becoming a self-produced singer/songwriter. Her electronic dream-pop offers escapism and provides an insight into the therapeutic world she has constructed for herself.

Niki’s received so much support from her local music scene in Liverpool. Her singles have been played on BBC Introducing and saw her garner her first national radio play on BBC Radio 6 Music. She’s currently putting the final touches on her upcoming EP ‘Lady Shol’.