Ni Maxine

Ni Maxine is a Neo-Jazz Singer-Songwriter; a black woman navigating the modern world and exploring themes of home, identity, self-esteem and belonging. Maxine’s childhood was steeped in the deep cultural reference points of black history. She recalls her father’s love of jazz, her mother’s love of neo-soul, funk and rare groove, as well as her Sunday mornings in a gospel church, where she first learned to sing.

Her message is clear; “I want to inspire young people who are having (or had) a similar experience to what I had, growing up, and cultivate community. The algorithm divides us, but we are more powerful when we are united.”

Make yourself a cup of rooibos with oat milk and honey (a Ni Maxine staple) and join her for an hour of music on Tuesday the 22nd of March at 20:00 as she celebrates the women in jazz who have come before her. Expect tunes from Billie Holiday to Charlotte Dos Santos, Betty Carter to Nina Simone.