National Museums Liverpool Podcast: War and Reflection

The National Museums Liverpool Podcast weaves together stories from our collections with the experiences of people in Liverpool today, exploring connections between the past and the present.

On the 24th of February this year Russia invaded Ukraine, forcing Kateryna Zabello and her scouse partner Peter to leave for Liverpool. In the chaos and horror of war, why are individual experiences like these so important to hear? And, with 80 years since the Liverpool Blitz,what is the broader value in sharing stories of war?

Listen now to Season 3 of our National Museums Liverpool Podcast, where we hear from Ukranian, Kateryna Zabello, about the impact of Putin’s war on her and fellow Ukranian’s lives.

We also hear from widow Val Deegan about the life of her husband Jim and how one photo in the Blitz: Liverpool Lives exhibition unlocked his story of survival.