Mystictrax (Ukraine) is the Ukrainian experimental laboratory of sound, runned by musician & dj Lostlojic. Started in 2019 as a mystification with “radioactive” cassettes from Chornobyl (yes, this is how it is written in Ukrainian), the label has now accumulated the capacity of 50 artists from Ukraine and beyond, including Monotronique, Poly Chain, Radiant Futur, Vadim Griboedov, Ufaze, Raavel, Lostlojic himself and many more.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the label has organized a collection of 65 tracks called “Together for Ukraine” (in collaboration with another cool label Standard Deviation), with the participation of even Laurent Garnier and Ben Sims, and collected money for 5 volunteer foundations. Compilation full of futuristic music in symbiosis with folk songs & music instruments still collecting 100% of sales for Musician Defend Ukraine foundation.

VA compilations on USBs & albums on ZIP – disks, cassettes and digital releases represent a large part of a variety of Ukrainian music in world context, from ambient and drone to electro, techno and bass music. Mystical futuristic sound monthly on
Melodic Distraction waves from now!

New, forthcoming & classic tunes from Kyiv-based label Mystictrax, played by Lostlojic in the second episode of the show. Lostlojic, a Kyiv-based electronic musician and DJ, weaves his dynamic mix of electro, breakbeat, and bass-driven music into the cultural fabric of Ukraine. With his works released on various European labels such as Deeptrax, Furthur Electronix, Infinite Pleasure, and Phuture Shock Musik, he echoes the rhythmic heartbeat of his city. As the proprietor of Mystictrax label and a host on Melodic Distraction (UK), Lostlojic actively shapes the soundscape of contemporary electronic music. Keep supporting Ukrainians please, buy music, donate to <3