Mornings With Soulfultiz & Slowe

Mornings are back! Well with us that is. That’s right, no more walking through the musical forest of the morning without a voice to guide you along the way.

Tune in every weekday as a selection of hosts jump into the studio with plenty of tunes and huge amounts of sideways chat. Expect a selection of familiar faces returning to the airwaves with Aiden & Griff, Yvonne Page, George \m/, SOULFULTIZ, Yeti, Tonia, Chandé & our very own Danny taking you through the morning grind.

Soulfultiz is a Host/ DJ, Gig Reviewer at Planet Slop and an Amateur pencil artist. For Tony, music is one of those artforms that reminds him of good memories and experiences. He believes music has the power to connect with people of all backgrounds and is on a mission to share his love and passion with as many people as possible.

Joining Soulfultiz this week is Bristol-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, artist and songwriter, Slowe ( AKA Sophie Hawes). Her debut album, Where The Mind Wanders is out on 28th July (Tru Thoughts).

This project is a window into Slowe’s mind, with each song reflecting a different aspect of her inner world. With a musical landscape that ebbs and flows, Sophie poetically addresses the struggles of self-doubt and the beauty of fulfilment and joy. The project has also garnered support from Gilles Peterson, Robert Elms (BBC Radio London), Don Letts (BBC Radio 6 Music), BBC Radio 6 Music’s Focus Beats, Valida and Scott Dallavo (KCRW), Boba Fatt and Tom Pickford (Soho Radio), Marshmello (NTS), Neil Bopperson and General Public (Balamii), Stereofox and Dummy Mag, among others.

Raised in the Welsh border town of Chepstow, Slowe has been writing music and performing in bands since her teens. During a gigging hiatus, she found herself gravitating towards self-sufficient production, turning her hand to an array of instruments – including flute, keys and guitar – to recreate the styles of her favourite producers utilising her musical talent, passion and creative understanding.

Slowe’s DIY approach is reminiscent of lo-fi beat-making; delicately layering together session recordings, and repurposing techniques akin to those of J Dilla and Madlib. The result is both nostalgic and fiercely contemporary, with sparkling Rhodes, vintage drum lines, and buttery vocals. The combination of Slowe’s radiant lilts and introspective lyricism atop the fuzzy, analogue warmth makes for swooning escapism.

An avid crate-digger, Slowe naturally takes inspiration from a plethora of genres, and you can hear nods to her extensive references, from Tyler the Creator and Tame Impala to Erykah Badu. “I would say my earlier influences (Laura Marling, Jeff Buckley) inspire my songwriting and lyrics” Slowe explains, “whereas my later influences of soul, hip hop and jazz inform my production.” These musical inspirations are celebrated in her Introductory and J Dilla Tribute mixes. Bristol’s vibrant music scene is reflected in Slowe’s project, not only in its collaborations but in its collapse of space between genres.