Mornings With SOULFULTIZ & Speech Debelle

Mornings are back! Well with us that is. That’s right, no more walking through the¬†musical forest of the morning without a voice to guide you along the way.

Tune in every weekday as a selection of hosts jump into the studio with plenty of tunes and huge amounts of sideways chat. Expect a selection of familiar faces returning to the airwaves with Aiden & Griff, Yvonne Page, George \m/, SOULFULTIZ, Yeti, Tonia, Chandé & our very own Danny taking you through the morning grind.

Soulfultiz is a Host/ DJ, Gig Reviewer at Planet Slop and an Amateur pencil artist. For Tony, music is one of those artforms that reminds him of good memories and experiences. He believes music has the power to connect with people of all backgrounds and is on a mission to share his love and passion with as many people as possible.

Soulfultiz will be joined by Mercury Prize winning British Rapper, Speech Debelle. Corynne Elliot, better known as Speech Debelle kicked in the music industry’s backdoor in 2009, waving her sensitive, introspective Mercury Prize ‘British Album Of the Year’ and debut album ‘Speech Therapy’, beating the likes of Florence and The Machine, Kasabian and La Roux. Celebrated for her ability to articulate a vulnerable honesty in contrast to her husky tones, Speech gives some hints on what to expect from her highly-anticipated fourth album with new singles Away From Here and Atlantis.