Mornings With Claire Beerjeraz

Claire Beerjeraz is a Liverpool based free-lance spoken-word artist and creative Psychotherapist. She has worked with the likes of Writing on the Wall, Tmesis Theatre and Blackfest on multiple pieces of work, giving her the opportunity to perform at the Everyman Theatre, Hope Street Theatre and Tate Liverpool.

Claire is passionate about combining therapy with expressive arts and works with local charity YPAS as a Creative Children’s Psychological Therapist. She strives to use her creative mediums for activism, positive change and healing. For this session Claire will be joined by Nicola Beerjeraz, Rowena Gander, and Rach and Helen from Satellite Music & Events, to discuss topics such as racial identity, self-navigation through the creative arts scene and what exciting upcoming events are happening around Liverpool!!

Claire’s taking us on a nostalgia trip this morning, as we take a musical trip down memory lane to the early 00’s halcyon days of indie pop!