Mornings With Chantelle Lunt

Mornings are back! Well with us that is. That’s right, no more walking through the musical forest of the morning without a voice to guide you along the way.

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Chantelle Lunt is a writer, educator, entrepreneur, founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance, a co-founder of Reclaim Pride Liverpool, and co-chair of the United We Stand – Solidarity Network.

She is a tireless campaigner, regularly seen leading protests up and down the country, and is probably best known for her campaigning on racial equality, having experienced racism throughout her life, particularly during her time serving as a Police Officer.

In 2020 Chantelle founded, Merseyside BLM Alliance, a very active organisation that has been widely praised for its inclusive and intersectional approach in the spirit of BLM’s founding principles, such as supporting the #BlackTransLivesMatter protests, various liberation movements and more.

MBLMA have hosted festivals of resistance, protests, held people in power to account and have become what is thought to be the largest BLM group outside of London with over 2700 members, and are considered one of the most proactive anti-racist groups in Merseyside.

Chantelle is also the chair of Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality CIC, a non-profit organisation, committed to promoting racial equality across Merseyside through grassroots community led work.

In 2020 Chantelle also became co-chair of the United We Stand – Solidarity Network, an organisation originally founded by LGBT+ Socialists to build a platform to help promote and also bring together grassroots campaigns, liberation movements, peace campaigns, trade unions, community groups, leaders, and more to work together as one united working class movement in our collective struggle, and also helping each other educate one another against the racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all forms of prejudice that sadly exist within all our communities.

In March 2021, Chantelle co-founded the national #Killthebill coalition, and together with 100s of other groups and activists built a national campaign, went into communities, taking to the streets, and united people in their thousands under a cause.

Chantelle’s back to catch you up on all of the latest events and actions in the world of activism – as well as playing you some sweet RnB tunes too!