In the thriving house and techno scene of Liverpool, there is a new DJ starting to make a name for himself…

At an early age, Michael got his first taste of electronic music listening to local DJs including Yousef, Steve Parry and Thomas Tuft, before playing at number of local venues whilst studying at University. When he was not studying, Michael would spend all of his time record digging and editing tracks.

With a characteristic style, Michael always sets out to find the right sentiment in his sets and he describes his sound as “rhythmic, percussive and atmospheric. Expect to hear an eclectic selection of electronic music, including a number of exclusives and edits prepared by Michael himself.

This month, Moritz takes us on a journey that begins with classic eighties synth sounds, stops off at dancehall-flavoured house, takes a short detour through tribal rhythmns before taking us all the way through to minimal techno.