Melodic Distraction Resident Sessions

With our residents eager to get back on the decks between parties, we roped them in for a monthly show. Featuring selections from Josh Aitman, Luke Bartlett & Matt Brundell, expect jazz-based house, African-influenced four-to-the-floor, funk-infused dance music and disco.

With the gap between our Winter Party and 2nd Birthday seeming forever long, each month we’ll be handing over the airwaves to our residents to keep you locked in.

Tune in each month without expectation; we’ll do the digging, you do the listening. Be sure to grab your tickets to our second birthday with Chicago legend Roy Davis Jr. and our new collaboration with Constellations exploring some of our favourite live artists. First up in the series we have Torben Unit (aka The Max Graef Band) on March 9th followed by Fatima and The Eglo Live Band on April 20th.