Melodic Distraction & Dr. Martens presents Bernie Connor

We’ve got the keys!

To celebrate the launch of our new home at Melodic Bar and Coffee, we’ve teamed up with Dr Martens to bring you a full day takeover of radio. From local friends to international favourites, we’re filling our airwaves with some of the North West’s best.

Bernie Connor has been playing popular and unpopular music for getting on five decades and shows no sign of abatement. His style covers all genres of music, with no particular style taking precedent. He keeps both feet in many camps and will take his listeners on a journey they may not realised they wanted to take. His web based music show ‘the sound of music’ is one of the longest running music podcasts in the country and his sets have entertained music freaks all over the world and all over the internet.

He can be found playing somewhere every weekend and currently hosts a monthly show on melodic distraction with his son buddy.