MDR’s Breakfast Club with Luke Bartlett

Melodic Distraction welcomes our morning broadcast during our time of quarantine.

If you’re working from home, chilling at home, or generally just staying at home, our Breakfast Club is here to share a brew with you. Hosted by a rotation of some of the station’s family and friends, 10am-12midday every weekday, our airwaves are full of excellent tunes, local music and questionable patter.

Nestled right after our daily morning show 9-10am, Wake Up with Melodic Distraction we’re filling our now-solitary morning hours with radio family. Chat room crew, assemble!

“Radio, radio, radio… Have you already had one too many this year?

Well, to help wet your appetite for this heavily Hip-Hop influenced show… this is how it would read on a tasting menu:

Starting with a Warm Relaxing HipHop course, finished with a poignant Message from The Jazz Liberatorz.

Then Onto some Soulful Grove with a pinch of Jazz. Accompanied uplifting notes and sing along potential. Circling back to some, almost homely hip-hop, that will fill your senses with nostalgia along with a few key notes on the pallet from Marcus Valle. Then to finish. With a belly full of tunes, this last course of downtempo funk and groove will see you sit back, open your belt, and relax into a soundtrack coma. Not one to be missed ladies and gents. Best get your bibs on.

Have a happy Merry Tossmass and get me over the line and into 2021 please lord. All the love. X”