McCool & The Gang

Singer, songwriter & guitarist Natalie McCool shines as a unique star in the UK indie world, having risen through the ranks and amassed a ton of organic support and critical acclaim.

Her show, McCool & The Gang, is a window into her world as a ‘music artist’. On this show expect to hear about her life & what she gets up to, and also about all the incredible creative people she works with.

Featuring one or more special guests, each episode is a chinwag about the world of music & what makes those creative souls tick. Tune in for wonderful insight, live music, and above all – for FUN.

This episode I’m excited to welcome Xylo Aria, an Indian-born British-based electronic artist making gorgeous layered electronic music featuring her smooth vocals and minimal
textures. Xylo also runs an amazing organisation called Music Production for Women, which focuses on teaching and supporting female-identifying creators with music production. Here’s a pretty wonderful chat about Xylo’s Indian roots and forming early connections
with music, all the gear she uses to create her sounds, and some great advice for anyone wanting to explore music production.