Marley & Vegas (Constellations 5th Birthday)

Did you not hear? Constellations turned five… FIVE! In celebration of their birthday, the crew at good ol’ Consties opened the massive gates, which officially marks the start of summer and the start of a wild day, with music, a new menu, as well as a very vibrant indoor plant market.

With a collective 40 years experience between the duo, Keith Marley & Richie Vegas hit the floor at Constellations to kick off the takeover. A man with a ‘strictly vinyl’ ethic, Keith brings a vast knowledge of reggae and its many sub-genres. Pair this with Richie’s extensive knowledge reggae and afrobeat whoppers, you get the recipe for a fantastic set.

Marley and Vegas deliver an hour of fantastic reggae bops, varying from sub-genre to sub-genre and all good bits in between.