The Unfurling Space

In this unfurling space we’re sprouting from beneath the surface and voyaging into a sensual excursion of; our desires, our pleasures, our self-contentment and our relationship with self – acceptance.

Your host, Makeda Carayol, will be guiding you through this unearthing with a curated selection of sultry, introspective tracks to help unpick the seams of shame we and others may have woven into ourselves. This is the place to play, and nurture your pleasure ecosystem. The room to excavate your desires and intimately unfurl is yours for the taking. You’re invited to dim the lights, set your candles ablaze, and enrobe yourself in comfort…

Makeda is a Multidisciplinary Creative based in London. [Makeda is a storyteller and content creator that works across a variety of mediums that enable her dynamism as a creative.] Deeply rooted in the realm of Podcasting, she’s recently added the title of; Radio Presenter and Host to her repertoire alongside the existing titles of Filmmaker, Writer, Curator, and more.

In response to a brief from Reebok’s ‘Write Your Legacy’ campaign last year, she created an emotionally exhuming podcast, ‘The Treehouse Epiphany’, featuring the renowned, Axel Kacoutie and multipotentialite, Bybreen Samuels . Her multifaceted work applies special focus to intimacy, emotional excavation, and curating the human experience.