Lucid States

Dive into lax and loose meditations every third Saturday with Trieste on Lucid States. An ode to club nostalgia, fractured memories and vivid storytelling. A space to dream, unwind and explore the deeper musings of the mind. A sanctuary of reflection for those unbounded by style or preference, where new music and like-minded guests sit with timeless gems and long-lost discoveries. 

As a passionate record collector, label head and event curator, Trieste has carved a unique sound off the airways too. One that fearlessly taps into the lefter leaning side of music, fusing classic electronic dance genres of House, Techno, Jungle and Breakbeat with more atypical selections of Post-Punk, IDM, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, Dub and more – he’s all about building energy and taking risks on the dancefloor.

Beyond his work as a performing artist he’s also shaped a number of other successful projects. His event brand Voyage Events has brought unique live shows and DJ sets to the city of Birmingham, working with artists like HAAi, Zaltan, Leo Pol, Nu Guinea and Daniel Avery, while label project Erbium Records presents a broad range of music styles expressed through unique audio-visual concepts.

In 2019 – alongside London DJs Jay Carder and Silecta – he was named as Pirate Studio’s DJ Prodigy winner, a nationwide competition designed to find the best DJs, MCs and producers in the UK. Then in 2020 he took the top spot again, this time as Mixmag & Printworks’ Lockdown DJ (Techno) winner. As a club and festival DJ Trieste has also played shows across the UK and Europe, supporting the likes of Young Marco, Bonobo, Craigie Knowes, Cinthie, Mala, Confidence Man and Follakzoid among others.