Loyle Carner & Macca

With his delicate vocals and confession-booth style, Loyle Carner has brought a refreshing tenderness to UK hiphop.

His rise, it seems fair to say, has been stratospheric. He’s only had a handful of releases to his name (his first EP landed in 2014, and his debut album blazed a trail through 2017) but he’s already fast on his way to becoming a household name. Long-time Liverpool FC fan and lyricist of our beloved Pool of Life, Loyle’s connection with the city runs strong.

Loyle’s been brought back up North West to head up the latest edition of the Levi’s Music Project. He’ll be taking 15 young musicians from across the area and taking them under his wing as he coaches them through their first steps into breaking into the music industry. We invited Loyle down to the studio for an hour to chat music, food and Ikea furniture with the delightful Macca. Bon appetit!