Liquid Club

Discussion, sound, and art.

Running alongside the 11th edition of the Liverpool Biennial, the Liquid Cub is a discussion group that’s focussed on deepening our knowledge base through seeking, assimilating and evaluating new sonic experiences. Testing our experiential knowledge of sound, it’s a deep exploration of sound, music and listening.

This year’s theme is ‘The Stomach and The Port’, curated by Manuela Moscoso. In the Liquid Club, we’ll be meeting some of the artists from the upcoming Biennial in 2021, as they introduce themselves and their work.

For the sixth edition of the series, the Liverpool Biennial invited Xaviera Simmons, Sally Tallant & Lesley Lokko to their Zoominar to discuss arts and cultural institutions and the role of curation with the Biennial’s current curator Manuela Moscoso.

For the next hour, you’ll hear Xaviera, Sally, Lesly and Manuela in conversation. This was recorded for The Liquid Club in May 2021.