LIMF Academy Spotlight

LIMF Academy Spotlight is a new show launched by the LIMF Academy in partnership with Melodic Distraction aiming to shine a light on the fantastic crop of artists that make up the LIMF Academy. Over the course of sixty minutes, tune in for an in-depth exploration of the sounds, influences and styles that have helped to shape the Academy’s talented artists into who they are today.

Born in Manchester and growing up in Nottingham, Antonia moved to Liverpool to enrol at LIPA. Before she has even released a note of music, Antonia has already made a name for herself as a one to watch, offering a fresh and exciting sound that has roots in mellow soul with overtones of jazz influenced pop.

Antonia’s musical obsessions began with the big hairbrush anthems of the day where she obsessed over Lily Allen, Avril Lavigne, Florence + The Machine. Real pop princesses. Spurred on by her grandfather and singing teacher, Antonia delved deeper into jazz and blues, allowing the flair of artists such as Etta James and Billie Holiday to connect with her own developing vocal style.

Her debut single Flux is coming out this summer.