LIMF Academy Spotlight

LIMF Academy Spotlight is a new show launched by the LIMF Academy in partnership with Melodic Distraction aiming to shine a light on the fantastic crop of artists that make up the LIMF Academy.

Over the course of sixty minutes, tune in for an in-depth exploration of the sounds, influences and styles that have helped to shape the Academy’s talented artists into who they are today.

On booming soundsystems or teeny bluetooth speakers, the best things happen Superlate. This Liverpool based producer creates a world of nightlife inspired sounds fused together in a slick production. Bred in the seaside paradise of Cornwall, his coastal upbringing is unmissable. Listeners are delivered sun drenched beachside melodies with infectious grooves to match the hustle and bustle of the city he now calls home. Mixing global party culture with crisp ear worming pop, this 22 year old producer crafts records filled with soul, drums and bass.