LIMF Academy Spotlight

LIMF Academy Spotlight is a new show launched by the LIMF Academy in partnership with Melodic Distraction aiming to shine a light on the fantastic crop of artists that make up the LIMF Academy.

Over the course of sixty minutes, tune in for an in-depth exploration of the sounds, influences and styles that have helped to shape the Academy’s talented artists into who they are today.

Lazygirl is the musical project of 21-year-old Beth Harris. A songwriter from a young age, Beth began producing her own music at 17 with the help of a group of female and non-binary artists and producers including Clairo and Sophie Meiers. Now, with over 800,000 Spotify streams, Beth has established herself as a dreamy bedroom artist, with smooth melodies, lo-fi production and quirky drum samples—solidified by becoming one of LIMFAcademy’s ‘Most Ready’ artists for 2022.