K Super

Jungle, breakbeat and that dusty sound… Co-promoter of Certain Sounds & resident of Manchester Jungle outfit Ruff CutzK Super is a free party and underground scene regular and can often be found drawing for some well-worn records in the early hours under a windmill or in a muddy field on the Pick & Mix Soundsystem.

Her sets are known for their breakbeat & bass heavy upfront vibe, expect to hear anything ranging from the Oldskool Hardcore & mid 90’s Jungle steppas through to amen heavy ruffneck dnb & modern day Junglism.

2019 saw her drop her first release on vinyl, a collaboration with Atlas, and she’ll be following up with two more releases in the coming months. There’s also a b2b set with Atlas at Certain Sounds  which celebrates its first birthday on 1st November to look forward to.