João Terra

Brazil-born João Terra has been pouring his sweet, soulful tones over Liverpool for 3 years now.

Paired with his unique guitar playing, João’s sound is one that sure stands out. Taking inspiration across a broad spectrum of artists, from Jimi Hendrix and Nick Drake to Otis Redding and Bill Withers, Joao draws the lines of blues, soul, rock and folk comfortably.

Joao says the most important thing to him is “touching people’s hearts” with his music. For him it is not at all about the perfect pitch or fancy techniques, which makes it easy for people to relate to him. Jao’s music is available on all major platforms, with a brand new single due out on Friday. In the meantime, join him in our studio for some tunes and a lil’ bit of live action!

Joao joins us in the studio this month for a discussion with James Zaremba, as well as for a live performance of his newest release.