Jazz, But Not As We Know It

We welcome Jab to the airwaves for one hour of “Jazz, but not as we know it.” 

Jab has been a Liverpool resident since 1988 after moving to the city in-part because of his love of the Liverpool music scene. He is a professional musician and has been involved in the jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop scene for more than 30 years. He’s been promoting Liverpool’s famous jazz scene for 10 years now and has built up an understanding of musicians, venues and audiences alike.

Through his musical endeavours, Jab has amassed a large record collection including progressive rock, punk, new wave, hip hop, jazz, classical and acid house.

This month’s show features an interview with Jon Krosnick and Tod Dickow from the amazing U.S. jazz fusion outfit Charged Particles. Their latest album, Live At The Baked Potato, showcases compositions by the late Michael Brecker (Brecker Brothers). In the interview, Jon and Tod explain their approach to the work of Michael Brecker and how the band grew as one of the foremost Bay Area exponents of progressive jazz. Also, on the show we are playing tunes from the Emily Francis Trio, Get The Blessing and Troyka.