It Ain’t Easy

Deep and atmospheric sounds from the global underground, Take It Easy with Wavertree Worldwide’s Leisure Deejay.

A local deejay, former record dealer and organiser of community dance events in South Liverpool, the show sees Leisure take on a more personal identity as a music collector.

Take It Easy is a natural consolidation of spending time tuned into independent record labels from around the world, assembling music that sits somewhere between the dancefloor and deep listening into a cohesive hours radio, to be consumed at ease.

As a show that contains mostly independent or ‘underground’ dance music, now is a moment to recognise and celebrate the integral place of black music in the culture’s history.

This Friday, Bandcamp waved all fees enabling musicians and record labels to direct more money towards supporting the protests. What you’ll hear for the next hour is a small selection of music produced by black artists that have directly impacted the sound of my regular show.

It may take a million small voices to keep our foot on the gas, I hope this hour is at least one of those small voices. Black Lives Matter.